The foundation of Pilates is to keep the body’s centre, controlled and strong, ensuring that the back is protected.

Pilates is a series of exercises that combine breath with a series of stretching and strengthening exercises that work the entire body, especially the abdominals and lower back.


Our goal:

  • To teach a gentler way of working the body to greater efficiency without causing undo stress on joints.
  • Exercising the muscles in a fluid fashion with gentle dropping or reaching movements.
  • Increasing strength, flexibility and co-ordination with breath creating functional movement with less tension and ease.
  • Thus, in doing so, helps prevent injuring and re-injuring the body.
  • Once proficiency at the initial level is reached, the client will move to the intermediate level. This level will develop optimal co-ordination and upper body strength with proficient alignment through foot, ankle, knee, hip and lumbar spine including shoulder girdle stability.

And now you are able to work independently on the mat/machine and other equipment.

Quiet the Mind

We believe that first you must quiet the mind to concentrate on the kinaesthetic awareness, focusing you mind on what the body is doing.

The above leads to the neuro muscular co-ordination and recruitment of muscles for efficient use of your body’s structure, emphasizing whole body balance, and harmony through rhythmic movement.

We have now begun to open the door to a holistic mind body approach through movement. Initially, we are aiming for movement that is slow and graceful as well as efficient and accurate.

Breathing is Key

Breath work combined with mind body concentration creates fluid, efficient movement for greater stamina and endurance without overtiring too quickly. You gain greater lung capacity, breathing with ease, and more balanced posture.

Many of the Pilates exercises consist of small therapeutic movements designed to help people recover from injuries. These movements can be intensified to challenge seasoned athletes. The exercises are very versatile in that Pilates speaks to all ages and level of fitness.

You learn to use stabilizing muscles for efficient movement without creating tension on other muscles through movement. You learn to use the above tools with control and precision, developing deep abdominal and pelvic muscles, back and shoulder girdle stability.

[testimonial_wrap] [testimonial]My breathing has improved and I’m more in touch with my body as a result of Pilates.[client_name]Rob Berry, marathon runner[/client_name][/testimonial] [/testimonial_wrap]