West Coast weather can change quickly!

  • layers of clothing such as a warm jacket and vest
  • hat and gloves
  • rain coat
  • close-toed footwear (no sandals)
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • camera and film
  • lunch, snacks and beverages
  • Tidal Fishing Licenses with Salmon Stamp – PAPER COPY MANDATORY
  • medications you require


Don’t forget your fish cooler(s)!


Traveller Identification

International Travelers

  • When entering Canada visitors will be asked to provide proof of citizenship. All vehicles should carry a motor vehicle registration form and proof of insurance. Vehicles not registered to the driver require a letter of authorization.     
  • Passports will be required if you are coming from outside of Canada by air.     
  • If you are coming from outside of Canada by land, identification to clear Canada Customs – such as proof of citizenship (a birth certificate) and photo identification (a drivers’s license) – will be required. Of course a passport will cover both requirements and is recommended.     
  • Canada Customs questions can be answered by visiting the CanadaCustoms web site, or by calling 1-800-461-9999 (within Canada only).