In the first Pilates class, a new client will experience work on both the mat and the “Reformer” (the Reformer is a Pilates exercise machine with light spring resistance that does not put any stress on the joints or spine).

On the mat:

You will combine conscious use of breath and specific abdominals exercise aimed at developing proper pelvic placement and core stability. While working to increase spinal mobility, we focus on releasing hip flexors and hamstrings, decreasing tension in the neck and shoulder area, and developing an ease of movement throughout the body.

On the Reformer:

you combine conscious use of breath, maintaining pelvic stability and a relaxed upper body while working through various feet positions to lengthen and strengthen the entire lower body.

Emphasizing alignment through the feet, ankles, knees and hips is designed to balance the body and to improve functional activity.

Once proficiency at the initial level is reached, the Client is ready for the intermediate level which requires greater co-ordination, balance and ability to access core muscles is continued on both the mat and the machine.

[testimonial_wrap][testimonial]I’ve done Pilates since the fall of ’98 and I now cycle faster, harder and longer.[client_name]Sharon Kelly, who suffers from fibromyalgia[/client_name][/testimonial][/testimonial_wrap]

From the 1st Class to the 6th

The Client begins to feel stronger overall and experience increased mobility.

From the 6th Class to the 15th

The Client begins to notice a change in the muscle tone, flexibility, and body aware.

From the 15th Class to the 20th

The Client will have acquired a degree of proficiency in the Pilates discipline. Her or his body will be stronger with an increased flexibility. Besides flatter abs, stronger, leaner limb muscles, there is also an improvement in circulation.